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Anastasia Guseva: A Dangerous Sex Offender Is In Our Midst

By Natalia Kotova

Friday; January 13, 2017

Anastasia Guseva in jail

People continue to protest on the alleged sex offender known as Anastasia Sergeevna Guseva lives within their midst in Konkovo, Moscow Oblast, Russia.  The city is in a state of panic where their children feel unsafe.

It has become the focus of controversy ever since 24 year old, Anastasia Guseva residing at 18-4-99 Ostrovitayanovo Ulitsa, Moscow Oblast has returned after serving a three year prison sentence for indecent exposure to a minor. In the past few days an organization known as “Committee of Concerned Parents”, began distributing notices throughout Moscow, Russia. Warning neighbors of what they call a quote, “A Dangerous Sex Offender Is In Our Midst.”

Kostya Romanov, a father of a one year old and a concerned neighbor, said, “I don’t really like having her close to my family.”

“I think it is outrages that this city has too many children for a sex offender to, uh, be living in our city. I …I don’t think it’s a good idea”, Yulianna Tchaikovsky says.

“Makes me very nervous,” Angelina Lagounov said, “It makes me a little enraged. Um, I’d have a problem if I see her roaming the streets of Moscow.”

Alexandra Utkin, a bartender at the local bar said, “It’s like having an alcoholic work in a bar. They don’t mix. They shouldn’t be together.”

The conditions of her parole expressly forbid Anastasia Sergeevna Guseva to be within 100 yards of any playground, school or recreation area where children normally gather. These conditions seem to be of little comfort to the many parents whose children play and go to school within the city of Moscow, Russia, and who in the coming days, weeks, months and years will be hoping for the best but preparing for the worst.

Anastasia Guseva sex offender flyer